Wednesday, August 24, 2011


a few photos of what's to come. i have all new colors coming to my shop and one new design with solid pyramid studs.

(wearing:: top: topshop, pants: all saints, glasses:chloe sevigny x opening ceremony, rings: beams japan and pamela love)

i CAN NOT believe how good these bracelets are doing!!! i want to thank kristin of bleach/black for posting these. she looks so fucking cute in them. the bracelets have been on other blogs as well including wolfcub chronicles, so thank you to those bloggers as well!

i'll be putting a few up tonight on my shop and a LOT more saturday. i've been working on so many custom orders that i haven't had time to put new ones up.

if you're on instagram follow me lauren_fisheye it's my favorite thing right now... beside my pug... and these bracelets =)


louisiana mei said...

can i just say that i LOVE your hair?! it's perfect! also seriously digging those bracelets. i might just get one for myself once my paycheck comes in!! :D

TD said...

<3 your hair!